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Just my newest stuff as it comes out. You never know what'll pop up between classwork, personal work, and commissions.

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Anime Manga or Realistic Head or Bust Drawing or Sketch Commissions
Cyberpunk Girl by a0ka0neArt
Syrens- Thinking in panels by a0ka0neArt
Commission- Hexx by a0ka0neArt
A bust sketch (from top of head to the bottom of neck or just past the shoulders.  I usually do anime or manga.  Usual style varies from 80s to shows like Outlaw Star.  Somewhat realistic proportions and builds.  I always send a watermarked set of wip shots to ensure satisfaction.  Inking optional with a small donation.
Half Body Sketches - Anime Manga or Realistic
City Window- Line Art by a0ka0neArt
Isabella in Wescott- Sketch by a0ka0neArt
Sultry- Sketch by a0ka0neArt
A half body sketch from head to either waist or just above knees.  Some kneeling or sitting sketches also count here.
I send frequent, marked wip shots to ensure satisfaction.
Inking generally not included except on smaller ones or lightly detailed sketches.
Full Body Sketch Commissions- Anime manga or realistic
Sketch Commission for VixenofLight by a0ka0neArt
Steampunk OC by a0ka0neArt
OtB Good Guys by a0ka0neArt
OtB Bad Guys by a0ka0neArt
Full body sketches, male or female, in anime/manga or semi-realistic way. Sketches may be recolored by the payer only with a link back to me and the original sketch. Sale of work using my sketches aren't allowed.

Inking and extra characters can be done for a little extra in the donation pool.
Colored Busts - Anime Manga or Realistic
Helena streaming special by a0ka0neArt
Portrait of Vanity- Colored! by a0ka0neArt
Darker Side Recent Improvement by a0ka0neArt
Ekali's Eyes- colored by a0ka0neArt
Colored bust head drawings with a simple background. I always send out preliminary sketches and final drawings before I start color.  Sharing welcome but no resale or saying it's yours.
Colored Half Body Basic Background - Anime Manga or Realistic
PewdieCry Bloody Trapland- Commission by a0ka0neArt
Commission- Stacie by a0ka0neArt
New Kiki! by a0ka0neArt
Sultry- Colored by a0ka0neArt
Half body base sketch.  Background is either transparent or of limited color and detail.
I will always send out frequent wip shots, starting with the first sketches of pose and any background details.  I also like double checking colors and lighting.
Colored Half Body with detailed background - Anime Manga or Realistic
To the Stage~ Encore by a0ka0neArt
Isabella in Wescott- Completed by a0ka0neArt
City Window by a0ka0neArt
Silent Envy by a0ka0neArt
A half body (head to waist or just around knees) colored with a detailed background.
Full Body Colored with Basic Background - Anime Manga or Realistic
Gothic Loli by a0ka0neArt
Future Isabella- Body colored by a0ka0neArt
Isabella Preparing to Fight- Body completed! by a0ka0neArt
New Mizu! by a0ka0neArt
A full body drawing colored with a transparent background, single color, or very simple background.  Expect many wip shots to ensure best satisfaction.
Full Body Colored with Detailed Background - Anime Manga or Realistic
Luka Megurine- Complete by a0ka0neArt
Isabella Preparing to Fight- Colored! by a0ka0neArt
Commission- Rosalia Nightsong by a0ka0neArt
Full Body drawing with a detailed background.  I send out frequent wip shots.

News from Ohayocon!

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 13, 2014, 2:35 PM

Very late last night I got the acceptance email from Ohaycon for 2015!  No longer being located in Columbus will make things interesting, though I'm hoping to drive by then.  This will be my fourth time in the alley.  Hoping soon I can expand to other conventions around the area.  I haven't paid yet since I'm waiting to see how the job situation goes.  I'll have to get a portfolio ready or something maybe for interested buyers to look at.

I'm waiting to hear back from Things Remembered after my on-location interview Thursday.  I won't know till the end of the coming week or early the next week.  I tried being forward and such, but I don't know if not telling one person I was the artist for my site and admitting to another will hurt me.  I'll have to learn Wordpress, HTML5, and a program called OCP or something within a few weeks or so.  I've always been able to get competent in a week or so while learning tricks as I go.  I wasn't as anxious as I usually am at interviews, but I may have been a bobble head a couple times.  I hate waiting like this.

City Window's first video is going to be uploaded tomorrow.  I scheduled it for about lunch time standard hour.  I also started the cyberpunk girl from the previous journal today.  Very late in to it my arm started hurting a little and my hand felt numb/puffy.  I felt better when I took a break.  It does it every so often and I wonder if I should be concerned.  There hasn't been much progress since on the mystery theme set.

I'm also getting a new journal skin in the works.  I had a few tabs open the other day about the protocol and everything.  I also updated the look of some of my sub galleries.

In the world of Minecraft I've been exploring everything the bountiful update has to offer.  I haven't come across any rabbits yet in my survival game, but they're everywhere in the map I'm building.  I'm working on Wescott Manor's uncursed version.  Depending I'll see if I can work it or make another version elsewhere on the map.  I'm using MCedit if I have to do anything with big chunks of land or materials.  At the moment I'm still doing the branches from the main entrance and trying to figure out the garden.  The Syrens island is also being considered for work soon.  I may put more planning in to that one.

I don't know if there are any vets or vet students on here, but I'm a bit concerned for my one dog.  The youngest has been gimping a lot lately.  She doesn't like putting weight on her back right leg.  I guess the vet my step dad went to said she has less muscle or something in that one.  She continues to do it, though.  Walking seems to help some, but I really think she needs to stay off her leg unless it needs stretched.  Otherwise her behavior or personality hasn't changed any.  I don't know what's going on.  On top of that the oldest one has three lumps or something on her left side.  They don't seem to be getting bigger, and I think a couple have shrunk.  She's otherwise healthy.


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Ann Foerster
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United States
Mostly showcasing some story projects of mine. I've been working on the oldest one since I was 12 or 13. The next one is a sort of revival of something I tried doing at 10 or 11.
Feel free to talk with me! I'm also usually open for commission.

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You're welcome!  ^^  I'm tight on money at the moment but I was looking around for artists to commission something of an OC.
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:heart: I wish you the best of luck!! :hug: //shameless plug that I'm also open for commissions? o.o
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xD  I'll have to see what's leftover after my birthday money covers the last of the bills.
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